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Where to get Bubble Tea in Perth

Hi there, I'm new! But not new to Bubble Tea.

I live in Perth (the one in Australia) and luckily Bubble Tea isn't too awkward to come across here. So let me review a few places.

Marangaroo Deli - This is located on the corner of Marangaroo Drive and Templeton Crescent, near a bunch of Asian Food stores. They have a MASSIVE collection of flavours, and you can concoct your own if you like. They offer sago, aloe and various flavoured jellies. I recommend the Mango Yoghurt flavour.

Utopia - Utopia started off as just a vegetarian restaurant in Northbridge but now they have a few small shops around the place (I know there is one in Victoria Park and one in Whitfords) that just sell Bubble Tea and some dessert/snack items. Again, they have a lot of flavours to choose from (the restaurant especially), and the best thing - CHOCOLATE SAGO. I like their Mango Green Milk Tea (you will find that I like mango milk tea in general, it's the flavour I usually get), with chocolate sago. They have a loyalty program going.

Yummy House Yum Cha - Located on Albany Highway in Victoria Park. Lots of flavours to choose from (including "Coffee Tea"), and you can enjoy your tea while scoffing Yum Cha!

Icey-Ice - A small chain specialising in "Snow Ice" and crepes, they also have a good Bubble Tea range. This was where I first tried Bubble Tea.

Easi-Way - There are loads of these stores in the city, and barely any anywhere else. Easi-Way let you adjust levels of sugar and flavouring and also have a loyalty program.

Fruityo Frozen Yoghurt - The one of these at Hillaries Boat Harbour offers a few flavours of Bubble Tea, but my friends and I agree, the Bubble Tea here is inferior to all the other places.

There are probably a few other spots, but I'm yet to discover them. Most of them seem to be south of the river and I am north.
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heyy everybody

i have a friend in london, uk and i want him to experience bubble tea. does anybody know of any places where he can find it?


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I've been to a lot of bubble tea places in New York, but I happen to think Quickly's is the best by far. Which brings me to the question, how many of you know Quickly's? Because I know it's some big chain bubble tea shop (surprisingly enough) and, in my opinion, deserving of its reputation. To tell you the truth I never liked bubble tea *glances around for sharp objects* Nor did I like it's chewy black tapioca balls that my friends and I always manage to squeeze in a "thats what she said" while eating them. But Quickly's deliciously yummy bubble tea changed that for me, but my hate for tapioca balls still remains undetered.

At the beginning I usually went for the non-milk tea flavors like passion fruit or lychee, but now I'm beggining to appreciate milk green tea. I've tried taro (which reminds me of cookies) but it's too sweet for my taste as well as black tea, but I personally like green tea the best. So to end my kiss-assing, if you live in the NY state area and been living under a rock, try Quickly's.

Their website <3

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I usually buy my Bubble Tea at Fuzion Sushi in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (Saskatchewan is "above Montana" to anyone curious), and I sometimes buy it in Regina, Saskatchewan at Ngoc Van. The only other cities I've tried it in are Red Deer, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta.

I went to a shop in Chinatown in Calgary and the man working "guaranteed" that he made the best bubble tea I'd ever try...whereas he was right about the tapioca (it was perfect--not mushy, not hard, just right!), I wasn't too big a fan of the Red Bean Bubble Tea, which is odd because I like anything Red Bean. He was pretty cocky about his product, which is good, but...he did try telling my boyfriend and I that "most bubble tea shops try to fool white folks into thinking their bubble tea is the real stuff"--which was sort of funny, and sort of racist. But I love Bubble Tea and can deal with that sort of smack.

Taro is by far my favorite EVER. It was recommended to me once but didn't appeal, so the man working actually made it and gave it to me for free because he had decided that it would become my favorite flavor. Oddly enough...he was right. It's amazing. I've only had about a dozen kinds altogether (including cappuccino, red bean, pomegranate calpis, green tea, coconut, lychee, mango, pineapple, strawberry, etc etc), but I always end up buying Taro way more often than anything else. I'm hooked. I'm not a fan of a lot of the non-milky flavors, to be honest.

I recently ended up buying two bags of powder flavor--Taro and Mango--from an Asian Grocery store, as well as 4 little bags of Tapioca (2 black, 2 rainbow). Now, I've tried making the drink itself (WAY too strong if I followed the directions), but I haven't tried making the tapioca yet...the package says it only takes 5 minutes to make......but everywhere online has said it takes 25-50. What do I do!! I don't want to experiment too much, because I only get to a supplier about once a month if I'm lucky!

Anyway, sorry for rambling, I just love bubble tea and felt it necessary to express my love for it, hehe.

- Courtney

Edit: I just realized that "a supplier" made bubble tea sound like a drug. Haha. Oops. It's a "good" addiction, beats a bad addiction!
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Boba Tea~! Yum....

Hello! First time poster here...I just found this community on a whim searching "boba tea" in Google. I'm from Denver, CO and frequent the Lollicup Denver location. My hometown is nearby Aurora, but before university I never even heard of "boba" or "bubble tea." A friend asked me if I wanted to go to the place called Lollicup (Denver) and that was that! I haven't been anywhere else yet. My favorite used to be Strawberry Yogurt Snow Bubble, but Coffee and Cappucino have tied and -gasp- possibly replaced it.

I'd try some other places...but I'm currently in London, England, studying abroad at University of Westminster. I've been away from the US since September 10th, and...I haven't had any bubble tea since! I won't be back to the States until December 18th. It's one of the things I miss about home. Can anyone recommend places that serve it? Perhaps restaurants at Chinatown have it?
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Bubble tea, so good to me!

Hallo there!

I'm new to this community, but I have been a fan of bubble tea for a good two or so years, now. My name is Fala, I'm 21, I'm Scottish and an Illustration major. I've always been a fan of tea. I drink tea more often than I do not drink tea. If I'm at home or in class, likely as all I'll be sipping at a mug of something hot and fragrant. I go through a rather shameful amount of tea at an alarming rate, I rather fear ^_^;

I've gone through all manners of tea, black, red, green, herbal, fruit, spice, etc. Alas, it was not till a short while ago that I stumbled upon bubble tea. I'm attending college in the State of Florida and there is an utterly ace coffee and tea shop within walking distance. I'd heard about bubble tea, but never gotten the chance to try it, so when I read that this place had it, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Since I adore starfruit, that was the first flavour I tried. From the very first sip, I was hooked.

I've tried many different flavours since then. The starfruit and red bean are brilliant. Chocolate is good in that it is every bit as satisfying as a milkshake and then some, with only half the calories. Coconut is a rich, sweet dream in a cup. Taro tastes different with every new place I try it at, and I love it every time. The only drink I like at Starbucks is their green tea frappucino, and I have only recently learnt that they use green tea-flavoured bubble tea mix from Boba Tea Direct to make it. The only flavour I've tried thus far that I don't much care for is honeydew. Out of everything I have tasted though, I'd have to say, my very favourite would have to be almond. It tastes like creamy, drinkable marzipan!

The flavour I would most love to try next is mint. I'm an utter fanatic for all things minty and having learnt that mint-flavoured bubble tea exists, I am positively chomping at the bit to taste it. Has anyone here had it? Was it good? Do tell, please!
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ive only tonight heard about boba or bubble tea! i was reading something on wiki and bubble eta was commented upon. sooooooo, i did what i usuall do when i wanna know about something, i wiki'd bubble tea.

im really wanting to try some because i am into foodstuffs that are considered "unusual"
the problem is, i live in the. in a part of the uk that you could consider is out in the sticks and is backwards in coming forwards to new things (we dont even have any proper ethnic food restuarants, the one we have its western food with  spices thrown in)

anyway i really do miss living near london, england, i would be sure to find a place there to sample my bubble tea.

are there any fellow brits here?